Our Associates

To deliver a well-matched team, our own qualified employees are regularly complimented by partnerships with a variety of consultants and contractors. 

We have many contacts across a broad range of disciplines allowing us to source the most appropriate people to meet specific project requirements. 

We partner closely with Red Leaf Projects, a very experienced local company, to further enhance our services with their expertise in cultural heritage and the natural environment. 

Visit their website for more information or phone 0407 234 986


Environmental Consultants
Our Footprint for Future Generations

-project management   -planning & development approvals   -energy & infrastructure        -mining    -flora & fauna surveys   -wetland & waterways   -scientific research

Le Vert have provided us with invaluable assistance on a number of projects and we look forward to working with them in the future. 

Visit their website for more information or contact them on:
T: 07 5303 9133  M: 0418 184 688  E: info@levert.com.au

e Vert
Environmental Consulting Services

-Contaminated Site Investigations -Site Remediation Design   
-Site Remediation Implementations  -Acid Sulfate Soil Investigations   
-Groundwater Assessments  -Water Quality Studies  -Industrial Water Audits
-Environmental Due Diligence Auditing  -Environmental Risk Assessment
-Environmental Management Plans   -Waste Management 

Edentech has very close links with Renewable Developments Australia Pty Ltd (RDA), a development company founded in 2004, with a focus on projects associated with the delivery of renewable energy. 

            Visit their website for more information or phone 0427 406 515
Renewable Developments Australia